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Enjoy depth of colour, flawless coverage and perfect surfaces for years to come with Asian Paints Royale. The only emulsion in India with TeflonTM Surface Protector, it shields walls from tough stains and harmful bacteria. Your home is your safe space, and we keep it so for your loved ones with low  VOC, non-toxic, lead-free and odourless paints

Ultra Matt Soft High
  • Ultra
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Perfect wall finish with

Range of sheen levels

Perfect wall finish with

Range of sheen levels

Perfect wall finish with

Range of sheen levels

Perfect wall finish with

Range of sheen levels

Royale Glitz Luxury Emulsion Interior Paint - Asian Paints

Royale Glitz

An Ultra Sheen interior paint provides a rich luxurious finish to your walls. It also offers unmatched stain repellency to keep the walls beautiful.

Royale Shyne luxury emulsion for interior walls - Asian Paints

Royale Shyne

The perfect pick to add a dash of glamour on your walls. The higher sheen and stunning smooth finish make your home beam with luxury

Royale Luxury Emulsion Wall Paint - Asian Paints

Royale Luxury

A paint that describes luxury. Enriched with Teflon Surface Protection, your walls look luxurious and the colours stay rich for ages.

Royale Matt luxury emulsion for interior walls - Asian Paints

Royale Matt

Royale Matt Luxury Emulsion gives the perfect matt finish to your walls with Teflon surface protection. 

Royale Designer Palette Collections


White, the purest of colours, bursts with pride and glory. Transcending history and opulence with grace to add meaning and elegance to your spaces. A special collection that captivates as much as it evokes, a sense of serenity. Indulge in the story of India’s diverse legacy.  Presenting Shvet - Heritage of Indian Whites and Ivories
Our first designer palette reflect the colour aesthetics of fashion legend, Sabyasachi, whose lavish vision has transformed the runway with couture icons and interior decor with dazzling wall covering masterpieces. Inspired by the colours of India’s floral splendour, heritage architecture and antique textiles, each shade reflects the signature sabyasachi vintage feel,aristocratic tone and a timeless elegance. Revel in 35 enthralling new ways to colour a home.



Royale Designer Palette – Shvet Collection



Popular Shades 

From elegant neutrals to rich, vibrant hues, our popular shades collection offers the perfect palette to transform your space











Popular Shades 

From elegant neutrals to rich, vibrant hues, our popular shades collection offers the perfect palette to transform your space

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Home Interior Wall Colour Paints

Asian Paints offers a vast range of home interior wall paints & textures. You can choose from Royale, Tractor and Apcolite Emulsions based on your budget and requirements. Beautify your homes with our textured interior paints- Royale Play. Inspired by various themes from around the world, this water-based line of interior textured wall paint is just a little more special than the rest. Pick from a large variety of textures and add a creative touch to your home.

FAQs on Royal Inspiration


How is the Royale collection different from the rest?

The Royale collection stands out from the rest due to its premium quality and luxurious finish. It offers a range of paints specifically designed to give your walls a regal look and feel.


What are the different colours available in the Royal Inspiration Palette?

There are more than 2000+ different wall colour shades available in the Royal Inspiration Palette. The popular shades from this collection are Limestone, Conch Shell, Chutney Green, Baked Terracotta, and Mysore Ivory.


Can I only get the wall paint colour from the Royal Inspiration palette?

While the Royal Inspiration palette primarily focuses on wall paint colours, you can also find complementary products such as trims and accents in matching shades. This allows you to create a harmonious and cohesive look for your space.


What are popular shades for my exteriors?

When it comes to the exterior of your home, you can rely upon the popular paint shades for walls from the Royal Designer Palette collection including earthy tones like baked terracotta and Mangrove green, sophisticated greys, and classic whites like Velour Grey and Mysore Ivory. These colour palettes for painting walls can enhance the curb appeal and overall aesthetic of your property.


What are trending colour schemes for my living room?

Here are some trending house interior colour schemes you can use to create an aesthetic Living Room - 

  • White, grey, navy, brown, and blue create a timeless and versatile look. 

  • The wall paint color schemes of white and ivory paired with blue-grey accents offer a serene atmosphere. 

  • Earthy tones like browns, blacks, whites, and greens provide a warm and inviting feel. 

  • Green, grey, and blue are popular wall colour combination choices for a fresh and sophisticated look.

  • White and yellow, pink and grey, or brown and blue is a wall colour palette used to add character. 


What are the different sheen levels I can expect from this range?

The royale inspiration wall colour palette comes in the following sheen level ranges such as Ultra, High, Soft, and Matt. 


What are the different designer palettes included in the Royale Inspiration collection?

The Royal Inspiration collection also includes various designer palettes such as the Royale Designer Palette collection by Sabyasachi and the Shvet collection. These palettes help you achieve an elegant, cohesive, and professionally curated look for your space.

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