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  • cool (1170)
  • warm (1030)


  • room (25)


  • all rooms (199)
  • balcony (183)
  • bedroom (776)
  • dining room (169)
  • doors & windows (258)
  • entertainment room (175)
  • exterior body (800)
  • exterior trims and accents (291)
  • hallways (297)
  • highlight walls (551)
  • kids room (266)
  • kitchen (197)
  • living room (877)
  • niches & alcoves (299)
  • prayer room (273)
  • study room (341)
  • verandahs (135)


  • dark (667)
  • light (839)
  • medium (694)

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    • lucid dream


    • winged angel


    • touch of fuschia


    • day lily


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How do I select wall colour for my house?

Selecting wall colour for your home is an important process in creating the overall design and feel of the space. First, decide whether you would like to use one single wall colour throughout or a combination of multiple shades in each room. Then, consider the size of the room and the type of space – bedroom, living room, kidsroom, etc. as each requires different types of Wall shades. 

Additionally, think about the natural light in the room and how it will affect the look of your wall colour shades. Would you want them lighter or darker? The more vibrant wall colours tend to work best in well-lit rooms, while softer tones are perfect for dimmer areas. Consider also any furniture and decor items that will be placed against the walls; make sure they don't clash with your wall colours. Finally, take a sample swatch from asianpaints.com and stick it on different parts of your walls to get an idea about how it will look once it has been applied over the entire space.

What are the colour trends in home painting?

The Wall colour trends in home painting have been evolving over the years, creating more and more choices for homeowners. The most popular choice is to keep things neutral and opt for shades of white, grey, cream or beige. Other popular wall colour combinations include pastel blues and greens for a relaxing atmosphere, bold hues like red or pink for a lively look, and earthy tones such as terracotta or mustard yellow that incorporate natural elements. 

Choosing the right finish is important too; matt finishes are best used on walls where you'll be displaying artwork or photographs as they don't reflect any light whereas sheen finishes are great in kitchens or bathrooms as they're more resistant to moisture and easier to clean.

Textured finishes on the other hand are perfect for adding a luxurious touch to any space. Ombre walls with soft gradients of colors are also in trend for giving rooms a romantic vibe. Metallic accents such as rose golds, silvers, and bronzes add a subtle hint of glamour and sophistication to the décor that never goes unnoticed. 

Wallpaper is also becoming increasingly popular due to the vast range of stylish designs available, from geometric prints to intricate florals. For a more subtle look, earthy tones such as sandy beiges, taupes, and greys create a cozy and inviting atmosphere

With so many possibilities available to create stunning wall designs, there’s plenty of scope to play with colours and textures when it comes to home painting.

How does Vastu effects colour selection?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian system which guides people in designing and building structures with a specific focus on the positioning of physical elements. It also plays an important role in selecting wall colours as they can have a profound influence on energy levels and moods. 

According to Vastu, each wall colour has its own unique characteristics and selection should be based on the purpose of the space or object that is being coloured. Generally, lighter wall shades are used for calming energies, whereas bright wall colours are for cheerful environments. For success, the most recommended colours are yellow, blue, green and white as they promote progress and productivity. To give positive energy to the environment, shades like orange and pink work best. 

Additionally, it is essential to follow a balanced approach when choosing wall colours, so that all directions of a room can benefit from them equally. Overall, Vastu effects wall colour selection by providing guidance on which wall shade to choose depending on the purpose of the environment or room that is being coloured.

How can Asian Paints help to select the right colour?

How can Asian Paints help to select the right colour?

We have wall colour experts giving personalised colour consulatation as part of our Safe Painting service Our Colour Associate will answer all your queries regarding colour combinations to make your home beautiful as part of our safe painting services with the help of cutting-edge technology to showcase an exclusive digital preview of your home.

Swatch ordering from the website : We enable colour swatch ordering on our website to help you visualise the selected colour digitally

Wall Colour Visualization on the App and at the store : Our Colour with AP app has the best in class visualisation to help you visualise any wall of your home and try multiple colour, wallpaper and texture options. There is also colour consulation at our colour idea stores for walkin consumers. 

Asian Paints has 2200 wall shades to choose from : We bring the world of colour to your fingertips. With a compilation of 2200 shades created by Indian & International Colour Associate, choose from our exclusive paint catalogue & wall paint colours offered by Asian Paints.

How do I choose Wall colour combinations for my home?

Choosing wall colour combinations for your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Think of the mood you want to create in the room and pick out colours that go along with that. Light shades are usually better for smaller rooms since they make the space look bigger, but use contrast shades if you want to add some drama and depth. 

To achieve perfect home wall colour matching, try painting your ceilings the same colour as your walls. When it comes to furniture and furnishings, coordinate them with both the wall colours and each other so they don't clash and create an unbalanced atmosphere in the space. Pay attention to the type of lighting you have and how it reflects on different surfaces too. Remember: when in doubt, lighter wall shades are often more forgiving than darker ones!

Which wall paint is long lasting?

If you are looking for a wall paint that is long-lasting, then Royale Emulsion for interiors and Ultima Emulsion for exteriors are the best choices for your home. These paints offer superior quality and finish, but also provide durability that can stand the test of time. Furthermore, their special features such as anti-fungal properties, stain resistance, and non-yellowing effect ensure a hassle-free painting experience with great results.

Which colour is the colour of the year for 2023?

The colour is Silver Escapade M604. It is a bright, evocative colour that travels through our virtual and physical worlds. Check more details about the colour - https://www.asianpaints.com/colour-next/colour-of-the-year.html

What colour is most popular for walls?

White has been seen in both modern and traditional homes, as it’s a timeless hue that works well with many different wall colour designs and styles. Choose some popular colours for walls including shades of grey, beige, cream, light blue and pale green. These are all gentle tones that offer an elegant touch to any room.

Which colour is best for home room?

Some colours that work well in various rooms include serene shades of blue, warm neutrals like beige or greige (grey and beige), muted greens, and earthy tones like terracotta or warm browns. However, the best colour for a room can depend on choices, the room's function, and the desired vibe or energy.

Which colour is best for interior?

Interior wall colours are supposed to have a lively and welcoming vibe. Neutrals and greys are the most picked colour in 2023 whereas blues and greens are good to balance the chaos in the environment. Some of the colour combinations that suit well for the interiors are blue with grey or light blue with yellow or peach with white, any of these wall colours can liven up the room.

Which colour is best for walls?

To pick the best colour for interior walls, consider the room's purpose, lighting, and existing décor. Determine the mood you want to create (focused, energetic, happy or sublime) and choose colours that evoke that feeling. Test paint samples with colour visualizer in the room, considering how they look in natural and artificial light. Remember, colours can appear differently on the walls than on a tool.

Which wall colour is best for bedroom?

When it comes to picking a wall colour for any room, it must be aligned with the mood and energy of that room. Especially, with bedrooms, there is not a single colour that can vouch for being the best colour. Although blue works as a calm wall colour and green works as a refreshing colour, it is up to you to experiment. Try picking a warm or cool shade of colour for the accent wall.

Which is the best colour for hall?

Hall, which is also known as the living room, can range from light colours to wall colours that pop. But if you want to use sombre wall colours and designs (like grey, beige or cream) remember to pair them with a bright colour. For example, blue and peach create a perfect balance of warmth and cool.

What colours make a room happy?

Yellows and oranges make up for a happy room. These wall colour shades would be perfect for a lively, uplifting vibe. Also, while picking a bright colour, keep in mind to use a softer colour so that the wall colour does not overwhelm people entering the room.

What colour is most popular for walls?

Walls in any room should be inviting and not intense. For instance, yellow is a happy colour for walls, but if you use bright shades of yellow, across the walls as a room wall colour, it is bound to look uncanny. Hence, the thumb rule is to keep the softer and neutral colours.

Which colour combination is best for house?

Each colour that goes on the wall of a room, starts with a thought of “how it would look or feel on the walls”. Now, the colours differ for interiors and exteriors. For example, wall colour for interiors can be from the shade of yellows, reds, and blues as these pair well with wooden furniture pieces and softer colours.

Which colour is the best for house wall?

Choosing the best colour for your house walls is subjective. Some choices like beige, grey, and white are becoming favourite room wall colours as they allow for flexibility in adding accent colours. It's important to choose a colour that complements your home's furnishing and matches you’re colour palette for the rest of the room.

Which colour is best for new wall?

A new wall can have any colour of your choice or preference. It is open to possibilities. If you want a peek into our Inspiration Gallery, click here. We have room colour ideas and wall designs assorted across different types of rooms.

Which paint is best for home wall?

If you are looking for long-lasting paint for walls, go for Royale Advanced, it provides a luxurious sheen that looks pleasing. On the other hand, if you are willing to mend the cracks on the walls, opt for Royale Aspira, its crack-bridging ability and Teflon surface protection makes the surface washable anytime.

What colour makes rooms look bigger?

Lighter colours like white, cream, and pale shades of grey, blue, and green can make rooms look more spacious. These colours reflect light and create an open and airy feel in a room. Additionally, painting the ceiling a lighter colour than the walls can also help to create the illusion of more height and space in a room.

Which wall colour makes room brighter?

Lighter colours leaning on the neutral side of a colour palette and pastel shades of blue, green, and yellow can make a room appear brighter. Darker colours can make a small room look even smaller and more intimate. Whereas light colours happen to brighten up any room in the house and create the opposite effect that dark colours, such as black, will have in a specific environment.

Which colour is peaceful for bedroom?

Blue and green are the two popular colours for the bedroom. Blue evokes stability and green brings peace, so for a peaceful mood opt for blue or green as an accent wall or choose softer or cooler shades for a good night's sleep.

What is the most popular wall colour for 2022?

Neutrals are the most popular choice in 2022. A crisp white with a tinge of grey or pastel colours is making room for a colour trend. The wall colour does not have to be stark white but should have layers of beige and white. Softer shades of neutrals colours are elegant and simple.

What are the best colour family shades for your home walls?

Reds and oranges  

Both red and orange are bold and lively colours. Hence, these wall colour shades  can add a pop of hue and drama to your room. 


Yellows and greens 

One interesting paint shade combination for the home is yellow and green. Both of these wall paint shades have the potential to make any room appear very bold.


Teals and blues 

A standout home colour shade that works wonders and many designers often turn to is teal and blue colour shade for wall . While teal makes a statement in a dull room, a subdued blue shade succeeds in creating a calming oasis. 


Purples and pinks 

Purple combined with pink looks fashionable and feminine, especially if these wall paint colour shades are used in the palette to add some contrast. 



The wall paint colour white makes your walls look neat and enhances the decor. Thus, white walls make a great choice for every modern house.  


Warm and cool neutrals  

Warm colours like yellow, orange, red spread energy, positivity, and a sense of sunshine into any space. Cool colours, such as green, blue and purple evoke the feeling of relaxation and calm. Neutrals hues like white and grey can also lean warmer, or cooler based on their undertones. 

Which wall colour combinations for home interior best suit every mood?


The pastel paint shades like pink, mauve, and pale purple blend well together. Using these colours together will give a distinct look and feel to your space. 


Purple and grey 

The purple and grey home colour shades  makes every house look more dignified and sophisticated.  While the outward nature of purple blends in, the neutral grey makes your house look distinguished. This wall paint shade  in your house speaks volume about your exquisite taste.


Pink and turquoise  

Soft pink and turquoise wall colour shades look bold in your house. This colour combination gives a bright and lustrous look to your space; the exuberant nature of pink and turquoise makes it the right choice for home interiors.  


Blue and grape  

This unique colour shade card spreads playful energy. These wall paint colours surround you with a joyful and enthusiastic vibe that can change the nature of a dull room.

What are the latest wall paint colour trends for your home?

Soft lilac  

Lilac is a trending colour in the interior world. It is the colour of positivity, serenity, and calmness that fills any room with good vibes. So, paint the walls of your house with lilac to bring in a dose of royalty, peace, and cheerfulness. 


Dramatic icy blue 

Blue is one of the most popular wall paint colours for house interiors. This trendy colour is considered successful at creating a calm, elegant finish in a room.  


Soothing green 

Another house colour shade which surprises you is green. Choose a lighter shade of green if you are planning to paint the interior walls and go for a darker shade of green for the accent wall. It will magically transform the look of your house.  


Rich neutrals 

There's nothing more inviting than walking into a house painted with rich neutrals. So, it’s no surprise that these wall paint shades are being seen often in many houses.  

Which two colour combination is great for bedroom?

A unique house colour shade for your master bedroom is grey and blue. It might seem like an offbeat colour selection, but these shades are the greatest of friends. They add character to your space. So, pair the blue walls with contrasting shades of grey. Try adding rugs, wood accents, coloured furniture, or some colourful wall painting to add a hint of colour to the space without killing the room's cosy and warm vibe. For more paint shades, explore Asian Paints colour shade card.

What two colours go well together?

The classic black and white wall colour shade  is perfect for all types of spaces. A black and white colour scheme is timeless and classic, with endless options from subdued to statement-making. You can paint the walls by alternating these two wall colour shades. You can also accentuate the room's look by adding monochrome furniture. Doing so will give a chic and contemporary look to the living room.

Which colour is best for small bedrooms?

One can never go wrong with an earthy colour palette for interiors. Earthy and neutral wall colour shades are a frequent choice for small bedrooms. If you prefer softer shades, go for grey, green, or yellow to lighten a small room. These wall colour shades can make the room appear larger and bring more attention to the accessories in your space. Explore more wall paint shades at at our own paint colour chart.

Can you paint 2 accent walls?

When it comes to colour shades for accent walls , only one wall can be painted as an accent. If you wish to have more than one, it wouldn't leave the same effect. Picking two or three accent walls usually dilute the effect; making the room feel like a collage of colours rather than a wisely designed palette. So, choose carefully before deciding which wall in your house gets to be the accent wall.

What colours make a room look bigger and brighter?

For an optimum effect, choose soft wall paint shades like off-white, pale blues, or greens. You can also try painting your wall trim and mouldings in a lighter wall colour shade than your walls. By doing so, the wall in your house will appear farther back, making your room appear much bigger. So, stick to lighter colors that reflect more natural light and make the house feel more open. Explore more wall paint colours from our wall paint colour chart.

What are the three ideal colour combinations to incorporate into a room ?

Yellow, red, and blue are your best bet if you want a playful yet vibrant bedroom. So, choose red as your primary accent colour, a yellow for the other walls, and blue as a design feature. Many homeowners often use this wall colour combination as it looks quite neat and pleasant. Your home will also appear beautiful and comfortable with this combination. Explore our wall paint shade card to get wide range of options for your home.

Which colour is best for wall painting?

The colour green stands for harmony and renewal. As it echoes the hues of the natural world, it's considered as one of the best wall paint colours for your house. If you don't have enough room (or the energy) for a bevy of house plants, green walls will add a splash of life your space. Green is also fresh and subtle at the same time; it's the perfect wall colour shade for those who find neutrals too boring. You can also use it in different colour shades.

Which wall colour is good for health?

Shades of blue and green are known to have a calming effect in your healthy. So, paint your bathroom walls with these serene paint shades for an in-home spa experience. Moreover, these colours also give your house a warmer and whimsical appearance than an otherwise traditional look. But see to it that you avoid vibrant shades such as royal blue and dark green as they are too dramatic and energising. These shades can often worsen health, whether mental or physical. 

Note: The Colour Shades displayed on this site are indicative and not precise representations of actual paint colours.