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What is Book of Colours?

Book of colours is a shade guide by Asian Paints for painting exterior, interior and wooden surfaces from various regions. The book is based on the research done on houses and colour preferences in a particular region. Suitable colour combinations and spaces are shown in the book.

Does the book feature only colour combinations?

Besides having the latest colour combinations following current trends, the guide also features a unique range of stencils, exclusive textures, finishes and décor ideas that help you decorate your walls and your home. 

How do I select colours for my home?

The book features an exhaustive variety of colour combinations to brighten your home. Browse through the sections, look at colour combinations, explore alternative colorways, pick your favorite stencils & textures and shortlist a new look for your home- interior as well as exterior!

Can I see more colour options?

In the book, every space has three alternate colour combinations to suit each style and preference. You can also download our Asian paints colour app to try out these colour combinations on your own walls in the comfort of your home.

Does the book show a space/image in more than 1 colour combination?

Yes. For each hero image, you will find 2 more suggested colour combinations. Need a shade darker or lighter? No problem, you can open the shade guide section at the beginning of each section in interiors that shows an array of shades in warm, cool, neutral and pastels.

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