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Our research and technology division is where over 200 highly qualified scientists come together and share their insights on technological developments, to help us push the envelope year after year. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are spread across multiple locations around the world. Here is where most of our paint development and testing for architectural and industrial application takes place. We also have a microbiology lab, a modern instrumentation lab, and a resin and functional polymer development lab.

We also frequently conduct forums, conferences, and think tanks in our fully functional auditorium. 

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We want to be an innovative, agile, and responsive world class research and technology organisation that’s aligned to future customer needs and catalyses the growth of the company across existing and future businesses.

What helps us realise our vision?

  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Agility
  • People
  • Customer centricity


Innovation Stories

Asian Paints has a rich history of new products with innovation being at the heart of these developments. Asian Paints is a company that reinvents itself every generation. From being India’s largest paint manufacturer to expanding its product portfolio from paints to decorative coating, there has been vertical integration and lateral collaboration. It found its next big act in the B2C painting services with its Ezycolour Consultancy for offering color, décor, and Vastu inspired solutions to customers. All these services are very high on stringent and tailor-made processes and methodologies for unmatched quality at all times and smooth operations. We have devised innovative ways to help customers help themselves. It is in the process of deploying bots which can assist customers in taking the right decisions. 
Asian Paints has implemented an ideation software “Eureka” for capturing ideas around new products from their very own employees. This software has helped in generating a significant number of ideas and has seen an encouraging response across. Most of the new products launched with innovative cutting edge technologies have emerged from scouting, selecting, redefining and brainstorming of these ideas collected in the portal. Many products in waterproofing, exterior and interior decorative paints, décor finishes etc have emerged out of these. We encourage employees to dedicate time to work of Proof of concept that eventually emerge as breakthrough projects.

Extensive and deep-dived work is happening in various technological platforms like waterborne dispersions for speciality applications, waterproofing technologies, Indigeneous developments for protection and aesthetic enhancements in industrial and powder coatings, enamels, foray in health and hygiene coatings etc. 

In waterproofing area, a high degree of innovation is exhibited by launch of various products under the SmartCare range mention few projects.

Asian Paints is committed to help fight the Covid-19 menace. It took just 12 days - from ideation to production - to launch the Viroprotek range of sanitisers, and serve the needs of people on the frontlines. Health and hygiene as a platform exists for around 3 years now with Royale HealthShield’s launch. Thus sanitisers supplement and add value to this existing platform. Surface sanitising is an unoccupied nascent category. We have a product which can sanitise any surface - metal, wood, fabric etc. and it’s easy to use due to its DIY feature. 

We have a dedicated panel of eminent international faculty and academia from the field of coatings who further bolster and boost our innovation pipeline by sharing their perspective on global trends, regulations and scientific innovations.



Asian Paints Research & Technology Centre is a state of art facility, that every scientist can dreams of. With most modern equipment’s, instruments and machinery, scientists can conceptualise, develop and characterise innovative products. 

The facility has customised laboratory for every domain like resin, emulsion, paints etc. The Pilot Scale up includes modern high-tech instruments to seamlessly scale up designs for efficient standardisation, for manufacturing. The facility also includes industrial coating and powder coating extrusion machines. The High Through Put equipment’s available at Emulsion and Colorant labs enable faster run time through micro experiments. High pressure reactors aids in development of new resins and emulsions.  

We have in-house expertise that enables research in and through microbiology, analytical instrumentation and Color Chemistry. Application Lab and Experiential zone provides hands on understanding before launching a product.

Capability building of employees at Asian Paints Research and Technology is a strategic priority to ensure holistic development by integrating classroom and on-the-job learning via focused behavioural and technical programs. These programs are personalized to individual needs and in alignment with overall organization strategy. Relevant learning interventions are delivered through classrooms sessions and leading-edge learning platform which can be accessed 24*7.  




  • Asian Paints is committed to manage its operations including deployment of resources using principles of sustainable development to minimize impact on environment and protect health & safety of our employees, service providers, neighbouring communities and customers.
  • We shall comply with all statutory requirements.  
  • We consider compliance to statutory EHS requirements as the minimum performance standard and are committed to go beyond and adopt stricter standards. 
  • We shall annually publish our EHS performance to all stakeholders.
  • We shall source our materials and products from vendors that comply with the child labour laws and other statutory regulations. 
  • We shall continually improve our products with an intention to improve their environmental & safety footprint.  
  • We shall educate customers on safe use of our products.
  • We are committed to protect the environment. 
  • We are committed to continual improvement in Environment, Health and Safety in all business processes and shall track such improvement through measurable indicators.
  • We shall use principles of inherent safe design, proactively control risks in operations and improve the safety culture to move towards:
  • -Zero Accidents
  • -Zero Occupational illness
  • -Zero Incidents of Property Damage


AP Global

Journey of Asian Paints Global business started in the year of 1978 through joint venture in Fiji market. Down the line global business has extended across globe viz. South Asia, South Asia Pacific, Middle east and African continent. Currently AP Global R&T center is present in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Fiji, Egypt, Ethiopia, UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Technology centers are enriched with 75 plus qualified scientist having diverse culture and domain expertise. Technology excellence is evenly distributed in all category of coating segments viz decorative, protective, OEM and waterproofing/construction chemical. AP Global is committed to demonstrate product stewardship.

Our Journey

The key to consistently being a leader in the paints industry is innovation. At Asian Paints, we’ve been innovating with our products for 70 years. Each year we push the limits and set greater benchmarks for ourselves. We’ve delivered brand new exciting concepts such as Colour World, Home Solutions, Colour Next, and Kids' World. As we continue to serve our customers in over 65 countries, take a look at some of the milestones we’ve achieved so far.


Work with us

At Asian Paints, we’re looking for curious and analytical minds to join our research and technology team. From products to raw materials, to even sustainability – we’re always looking to be better than the day before.

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