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Head Office

Asian Paints Limited, Asian Paints House
6A, Shantinagar, Santacruz (E),
Mumbai - 400 055, India.
Tel: 022 - 6218 1000 | Fax: 022 - 6218 1111

Asian Paints Helpline*
1800 - 209 - 5678

*Toll Free Service, applicable in India only.

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How can I raise a complaint/ grievance?

If you need help at any point or have any concerns, you can write to us at OR call us at 1800-209-5678 OR connect with us on WhatsApp on +91-9152244522. Our registered dealers can also raise their complaints/ grievances through the ‘My Awaaz’ portal. 

How to check the originality of the products?

First, you need to check if our Logo is mentioned on the Product lids. In case of emulsion (plastic pails) - 1 Litre and 4 Litre lids only have the word “ASIAN PAINTS” embossed and the “ap ribbon” device(Logo)  is printed only on the lids of  10L and 20L pails. In case of distempers pails and Enamel containers – All packs have “ap ribbon” device(Logo) printed on the top of the lids.

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