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Piscifun Line Strength Test

With all the many different fishing reel producers around, determining where to spend your hard-earned cash on a fishing reel can be a time-consuming choice! Piscifun Angling reels are an excellent choice, and I have them myself now! Piscifun Line Strength Test

Piscifun produces high-grade fishing reels comparable to reels priced much higher. Made by the same companies that generate Abu Garcia and also Diawa fishing equipment, Piscifun reels are developed to the same specific requirements as well as are a superb valued reel for seasoned as well as novice anglers.

In the past, I have actually mainly fished with the complying with reels: Pflueger, Daiwa, and Shimano reel items. And also overall I had been extremely pleased with their efficiency. However decided I wished to pick up a couple of Piscifun Reels to try. Which one to acquire, I asked myself?

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Are Piscifun Reels Any Type Of Excellent?

Piscifun reel layout and drag system feature the same premium-quality gear used in reels used by pro fishermens. Actually, a number of the reel versions sport the same parts as those utilized in higher-priced brand names.

Angling reels are usually costly, yet Piscifun reels are extremely cost effective. This makes them conveniently accessible to all fishermens. While driven to create economical reels, the firm recognizes that high-performance reels call for sealed ball bearings and fast gear ratios, etc.

The bottom line is that Piscifun reels are an excellent value for the cash, and numerous fishermens are switching over from popular brands to try the Piscifun lineup.

My Experience With Piscifun Reels Piscifun Line Strength Test

If I were to shut my eyes and you handed me a Piscifun Torrent baitcaster, I ‘d have a tough time differentiating it from my Shimano reels regarding managing them goes.

As soon as I filled up the reel with 20 pound of braided line and took it out back, and also made a couple of technique casts, I knew I would be including a few more of these Torrents to my kayak in the future! They are that nice!

Last summer, when fishing smallmouth bass, the reel revealed no indicators of “reducing corners” in its manufacturing. The drag was buttery smooth, as well as I can feather my casts as well as drop spinning lures as well as topwater plugs right where I wanted.

The Carbon X spinning reel did double duty from my ultralight crappie and also panfish rod throughout the summer and also located a place on my ice rod reel seat over the winter!

It never hiccupped once on me when kayak fishing light plastic jigs for crappie, as well as the drag and also reel never froze up on me throughout the winter either!

Where Are Piscifun Angling Reels Made?

Piscifun reels are made in China with their offices in the Chaoyang Area of Beijing. The same firm that produces Piscifun additionally manufactures Daiwa reels. The Piscifun Carbon X and also Viper X are built on the exact same frame as the Daiwa Tatula and Fuego LT.

The majority of today’s mainline brands are either built in Asian nations or source a substantial majority of their parts from those nations.

Piscifun Reels By Group

Piscifun angling reels are offered in the adhering to groups:

  • Spinning reels
  • Casting reels
  • Baitcasting reels
  • Fly reels

Let’s take a closer consider each of these groups, and also see just how they compare to some of the competition.

Spinning Reels

Two of one of the most popular spinning reels offered by Piscifun are the Carbon X and the Viper X. Both are readily available online from Amazon.com or directly from Piscifun.com

Piscifun Viper X reels are delicate as well as light adequate to flawlessly manage crappie as well as bass angling discussions. The reels are available in 500, 1000, 2000, up to 30,000 model dimensions as well as they are very affordable!

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Spin Casting Reels

Among the very best spreading reels in Piscifun’s collection is the Piscifun Chaos XS. This functional fishing reel is appropriate for both fresh as well as deep sea fishing.

In my viewpoint, this is the ideal spreading reel for big catfish and also carp. Heavy-duty, exceptional gearing for usage in speedy currents, tanks, and bays.

It is durable, casts efficiently, and also retrieves rather quick. On top of that, the innovative actors technology offers a smooth as well as lengthy spreading array while decreasing any type of possibility of backlash.

What’s more, Piscifun Chaos XS supplies an efficiency similar to extra expensive brands like Abu Garcia however at a portion of the price. Piscifun Line Strength Test

Baitcaster Reels

Baitcasting reels are exceptionally popular among the bass angling community. As well as permanently factor. Generally, they give more level of sensitivity as well as control, both when casting and dealing with fish.

The Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel was made to competing prominent versions like the Diawa Fuego and Shimano SLX or Curado.

Fly Reels

Anglers can be certain as well as extremely particular when it comes to fly-fishing. Brand name commitment is very high in this category as well as typically talking, fly fishermen agree to spend much more on tools than their conventional equivalents.

The Piscifun Platte Fly Angling Reel is a top quality machined aluminum reel at an excellent rate point. This mid-priced fish reel boasts a durable but light-weight anodized 6061 T6 light weight aluminum structure plus a totally secured drag system.

The latter stops seawater from getting involved in the reel’s internal parts, making the fly reel suitable for use in both saltwater and also freshwater fishing.

Are Costly Spinning Reels Well Worth Buying?

Expensive or premium spinning reels can last many years and also do well even under the harshest conditions. Whether this deserves it is dependent on the angler as well as their budget plan.

The History Of Piscifun Reels

Founded in 2013 by two friends with a passion for fishing, they both set out with each other to give premium, affordable angling gear by lowering the expenditures of blood circulation other Heavyweight Brand names had to cover.

One of the good friends already possessed a facility where he had actually been producing angling gear for over twenty years and provided various other widely known brand names with their angling products. In enhancement, he additionally had the capacities of making his own original products.

Enter his buddy that is an avid fishermen and has taken a trip to and also fished numerous incredible angling locations, such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Florida.

In between both of them, Ben as well as Peter, they released Piscifun and also bring their top quality angling equipment to you!

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Piscifun’s Service Model

Piscifun works with many Pro Fishermen from throughout the world to access the knowledge as well as understandings on what the fishermen want and needs. They are based on being dedicated to their consumer.

By concentrating on what anglers desire, they create and also establish the very best as well as most economical reels as well as products on the market.

It is with this idea Piscifun strives to produce first-class devices at economical pricing. And also from what I have actually seen with minority reels I’ve fished, I’m convinced they are what they seem.


In nearly any kind of pastime or sports sector, you will certainly locate equipment suppliers that offer products varying from the reduced end and inexpensive, to exceptionally costly and also even high-end.

And also I’m not one to tell any angler or fishermen what tools they need, because it truly comes down to personal choice as well as spending plan.

However, I will say that the Piscifun schedule of reels and also equipment is shocking the sector a little bit. Their service model is a little various, and also they are introducing equipment that is economical and also of terrific value.

, if you’re looking to try a new brand name or buying for a brand-new reel consider offering Piscifun a shot.
. Piscifun Line Strength Test

Check Out Piscifun Fishing Gear Here