Close up of a Ford truck grille with KC Gravity LED Pro Light Bar

Adventure first called our name in 1970.

And we’ve been hanging out together ever since.

For decades, we’ve been pushing the limits of what’s possible. Usually we nail it. Other times, we need to be winched out. But that’s okay. Because when it comes to creating innovative products, we’ll never stop figuring out a better way. The reason is simple: We love doing what we do. And we love the adventurous people we get to do it with.

Employees holding KC light bar

Innovation: Guess you could say
it runs in the family.

Ever since our founders Pete and Carol Brown first modified a pair of airplane landing lights and strapped them to their K10, we’ve been challenging ourselves to improve our products each and every day. Today we’re still a family-owned business, which means we don’t have to answer to shareholders. Instead, we answer to our customers as, together, we defy limits and adventure further — something we feel so strongly about, we made it our tagline.


Line drawing of light

Our Patented GRAVITY® LED Technology squeezes out more light
while keeping wattages low.

Innovating also means improving on existing technologies. For example, as you probably know, LED stands for “light-emmitting diode.” And, to maximize the light produced, we engineered our Gravity® LED technology to get more from each diode by redirecting it via our precision-designed reflectors. The end result is higher output, better distance, and more beam control without cranking up the wattage.

Still from Patented Gravity<sup>®</sup> Reflective Diode(GRD) video
Ford Truck with Gravity Infinity Ring Light Bar

On-road to off-road,
only one company does it all in one light.

As proof of how seriously we take this innovation stuff, consider our brand new FLEX ERA® 3 Dual Mode SAE Fog Light. Until now, there’s never been a single light that goes from SAE fog light to high-powered off-road spotlight with the flip of a switch on your panel. That means you can motor along the pavement using the fog lights as your low beams, then quickly toggle to the off-road spots when you cross into the dirt.

Ford Truck with Gravity Infinity Ring Light Bar

Like Legos® for grownups.

Just because we’re all tax-paying adults these days doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be able to have fun snapping things together and building them out just the way we like them. KC's Gravity® Infinity Ring™ system was designed with modular functionality in mind.

Flex Era 3 close up


“There must be a better way” was a basic belief when we started decades ago. And it still is. In fact, we encourage you to embrace that philosophy by customizing things yourself. That’s why we make it easy to swap lenses, bezels, and shields to match your needs and style.

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